Computer Sale & Solutions

ACE Enterprises started by servicing and selling computers and peripherals. This is still the core of our business. We can supply your company with anything from standard workstations, printers and servers to specialized computer equipment, such as digital video editing systems and high end graphics work stations.

We provide computers and servers using only the highest quality industry standard parts to your specifications. Carefully choosing high quality industry standard parts helps to insure a high level of reliability, and reduces the chance of encountering incompatibilities with software and other peripheral equipment.

When you purchase a computer from ACE-E, you will receive high-quality technical and warranty support. No longer will you spend endless hours on the phone with a support person trying to get your computer fixed. When you call us for service, you will speak directly with a person who spends every day working with and building computer equipment not someone who has only been trained to answer phone calls and read support documents from a computer screen.

Most problems can be fixed in a few minutes over the phone. If they can't, ACE-E will do everything we can to make sure problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

By building and installing your equipment ourselves, our staff will become familiar with the unique technical environment of your office: your other workstations and servers, your printers, your network and internet connections. This familiarity allows us to provide support far superior to that offered by large, name-brand computer companies, who cannot possibly learn your office set-up as well as we can.

If you are looking to purchase or upgrade equipment for your office, please contact us for a free quote.