Network Installation

Today's business environment is greatly enhanced by a reliable information network. ACE-E can provide this reliability by installing and certifying Category 5E 100baseT, 1000baseT (gigabit), and fiber optic networks. We can also install your wireless network with the proper security in place to protect your business data.

Does your business have more than one location, or a large campus? ACE-E can extend your network to connect all of your business locations together. This allows all employees of your company to share up-to-date information, regardless of the distance between your locations.

If you have employees who live a long way from your main office, we can make it easy for them to access your computer network from home or from a small branch office. This remote access will enable them to spend more time being productive and less time commuting.

Ace-E provides network and server management as well. Contact Us for more details.